Graphic Design

Kathleen Cameron is a graphic designer and artist who also exhibits, creates craft arts and designs posters, prints and the occasional t shirt. Using her design prowess for the greater good she has adapted and changed with the times as the world of visual communication has taken on a virtual life of it's own. Seriously speaking, Kathleen has an affinity with computers and sometimes intuitively dreams that she actually is one ... or perhaps that's computer's invading her brain ... at any rate UX ... UI and Colour glorious Colour !!! Aestheically and staunchly individual, she knows what trends are but like to set them herself!



Kathleen has a keen eye for composition, position and juxtoposition ... she is a natural with a digital lens and finds the detail in the drama. She doesn't get into types of camera's and she doesn't spend thousands on equipment, preferring the simplicity of syncronicity and serendipity. Natural light is her best friend and she loves a bit of natural blur to bring in the dreamy whispiness that is characteristic of much of her personal works. She can however compose great product photography when the need arises and has an instinct for imaging. Kathleen's photos are conceptualised from pre to post production in the blink of an eye!


Multi Media

Naturally, making visuals out of light and pixels was going to lead to motion and sound. Kathleen can't be quiet at the best of times so it came as no surprise to her that working in audio would be a natural progression of the voice-over pieces and jingles she used to do in TV. Video is something she enjoys to immerse in however lacking the time to put the effort she would like into her vids, she hasn't made as many as she would have liked. A documentarian and activist film-maker in a format genre sense, she has an idea or two for films, but they are so grandiose it will cost a bit and require the services of Tim Burton. "We shall see," are her famous last words.

"photography is a love affair with life"

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Garphic Art

A portfolio selection of Graphic Art by Kathleen Cameron.


Videos by Kathleen Cameron

Audio Works

Audio compositions by Kathleen Cameron

user experience | project management | digital story-telling


This isn't tinseltown but Kathleen can create modest productions for your digital collatoral needs.


social media and promotional


digital branding & engagement

CMS Specialist

website content design & hosting

Customer Service

client laiason specialist


User Experience (UX) Research

& Design Micro Masters Program

Currently Enrolled: University of Michigan , USA

2017 (

MKT1x: Digital Branding

& Engagement

Curtain University, Perth, WA

2015 ( Verified Certificate)





World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Global

2016 (



Certificate IV – Graphic Art

& Advertising

Commercial Arts Training College, Brisbane, Q





Tell me a story and I will take you on a journey! 

Intrinsically curious and intuitively outgoing I want to expose, educate, inspire and create a labyrinth of interconnecting humanity.  If words are not the way to talk to the audience, I play with all the aural and visual tools that technology has bestowed on us to record and cross‑pollinate our communities!

It is my passion to learn from others and to show others what I have learned.